Introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM originated in antiquity. ancient chinese han nationality medical practice as the main traditional medicine, and has been for thousands of years. it is the study of human life activities in health and disease prevention, diagnosis, transformation and treatment, rehabilitation and health care comprehensive science. traditional Chinese medicine is characterized in concept of holism and similar, as well as syndrome differentiation and treatment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the yin yang and five elements as the theoretical basic, the human body is regarded as an organic whole of qi、shaped and mind, by the four diagnostic methods, that is inspection, listening and smelling, inquiry, taking pulse and palpation, to search for the cause, nature, location of disease,
aswell as the changes of the five zang-organs and the six fu-orangs, the meridians and joints, qi, blood and body fluid in human body,to judge pathogenic factors and the healthy qi, wane and wax (pathogenic and vital contention), and then get the name of disease, and induce certain syndrome, principle to syndrome differentiation and treatment, formulate the therapeutic methods, that is “sweat、stick、down、harmony、warm、clear;supplement、wane ”, using herbal、acupuncture、manipulation、massage、cupping、qigong、dietetic therapy method, enabling the body to achieve a balance of yin yang and rehabilitation. for chinese medicine treatment, the positive side is that we hope can help balance the Yin and Yang of body's.